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MEGApix IVA+ Analytics - Object Classification

MEGApix® IVA+™ Analytics – Object Classification


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

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Complexity:  Low

Last Edit:  February 18, 2021


IVA/IVA+™ Object Classification

The MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ camera’s analytics can be configured to set specific parameters to identify subjects of interest by size.  By configuring these classifications, the camera can more effectively discern the difference between a person and a vehicle, for example.  This can be used to filter what triggers an Event Rule in the camera.

This article will outline how to configure the Classification settings using the IVA/IVA+™ camera’s Web Client.

**NOTE:  To increase the accuracy of the Classification feature of IVA/IVA+ ™, be sure to calibrate the analytic area of the camera.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Camera Series

Configuring the Object Classification

MEGApix IVA Training Video - Classification Management from Digital Watchdog on Vimeo.

To configure object classification:

  1. From the camera’s Web Client, click the Setup button to enter the Configuration menu.

  1. Click on the IVA tab in the Configuration menu.

Next, select the Classification tab.  From this menu, you can create, modify, and delete object classifiers.

To create a new object classifier, click the Add button.

  1. In the Classification Property section, configure the following:
    • Name – enter a label for what these settings will be identifying.
    • Minimum Area – enter the smallest sizing of the object that will be identified
    • Maximum Area – enter the largest sizing of the object that will be identified
    • Minimum Speed – enter the lowest average speed that the object will typically travel at
    • Maximum Speed – enter the highest average speed that the object will typically travel at

Once you have finished entering the parameters of new object classification, click the Save button to apply the settings.

Click the OK button to close the confirmation menu.

**NOTE:  When creating or modifying classifiers, avoid overlapping parameters among the other classifiers as this may cause the analytics engine to identify objects incorrectly.

  1. The new object classifier will be listed in the Object Classification list.  If you must modify or delete an object classifier, simply select it from the list, then click the corresponding button.

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