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MEGApix IVA+ Analytics - Calibrating Analytic Area

MEGApix® IVA+™ Analytics – Calibrating Analytic Area


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Complexity:  Low

Last Edit:  February 17, 2021


IVA/IVA+™ Analytic Area

Before you can begin using the MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ camera’s analytic features, the camera’s Analytic Area will need to be calibrated to allow the camera to determine its depth perception.  Using the IVA/IVA+™ camera’s Web Client, you must configure the height and direction settings relative to the installed physical positioning to ensure accurate analytic functionality.

This article will outline how to calibrate the Analytic Area using the IVA/IVA+™ camera’s Web Client.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Camera Series

Calibrating the Analytic Area

MEGApix IVA Training Video - Calibrating IVA Area from Digital Watchdog on Vimeo.

To calibrate the IVA/IVA+ camera’s Analytic Area:

  1. From the camera’s Web Client, click the Setup button to enter the Configuration menu.

  1. Click on the IVA tab in the Configuration menu.

Next, select the Calibration tab, set the Enable Calibration setting to ON, then click the Apply button to activate the Analytic Area Calibration.

**NOTE:  If you do not see the Calibration tab, you must enable the IVA features first.

  1. After enabling the Analytic Area Calibration, virtual figures will be provided to compare the calibration settings against real-life objects within the camera’s field of view.

Drag-and-drop the figurines as a sizing reference when setting the calibration parameters.

**NOTE:  If the virtual figures become ‘stuck’ and you are no longer able to drag-and-drop, you can refresh the calibration tool by clicking the Apply button to save your progress, then selecting a different IVA sub-menu.  Next, return to the Calibration menu to continue.

  1. Next, adjust the Height, Tilt, and Vertical Field of View (VFOV) settings so that the entered angling is relative to the physical installation of the camera.  The grid overlay should be set as close to the ground in the field of view for maximum accuracy.

Once you have finished calibrating the camera’s field of view, click the Apply button to save and apply the Analytic Area Calibration settings.

**NOTE:  Try to configure the settings so that the grid is as close to the ground in the camera as possible for improved accuracy.

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