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02/01/2022 - Release Notes - VMAX IP Plus NVR Firmware Update v1.5.0.0                                                                         DW Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  February 1, 2022

Re:  VMAX® IP Plus™ Firmware Update

VMAX® IP Plus™ NVR Firmware Update v1.5.0.0

Affected Model Numbers:  2nd and 3rd generation VMAX IP Plus NVRs (DW-VP9xT4P, DW-VP12xT8P, DW-VP16xT16P)

New Firmware Version:  v1.5.0.0

Older Firmware Version:  v1.4.2.7

Release Date:  February 1, 2022

How to Determine NVR Generation

  • VMAX IP Plus 2nd Generation NVRs have firmware files beginning with “hn-65xx, hn-66xx”, etc.
  • VMAX IP Plus 3rd Generation NVRs have firmware files beginning with “DW-VP09, DW-VP12, DW-VP16

New Firmware Notes

  • Hardens cybersecurity against network attack

Fixed Issues

  • Includes a security patch for Port 80 (default web)

Installation File Download

VMAX IP Plus Firmware v1.5.0.0

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

VMAX IP Plus 9-Ch 4-PoE (hn-6509_dw_vxx)

VMAX IP Plus 9Ch 4-PoE (DW-VP09_vxx)

VMAX IP Plus 12-Ch 8-PoE (hn-6512_dw_vxx)

VMAX IP Plus 12-Ch 8-PoE (DW-VP12_vxx)

VMAX IP Plus 16-Ch 16-PoE (hn-6616_dw_vxx)

VMAX IP Plus 16-Ch 16-PoE (DW-VP16_vxx)

For More Information or Technical Support

DW Technical Support:

Toll-free:  866.446.3595



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