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DW Spectrum Bundle Replacement Procedure

DW Spectrum Bundle Replacement


Affected Roles:  Owner, Admin

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum IPVMS

Software Version:  DW Spectrum v5.0.0.35746

Last Edit:  December 7, 2022


Removing the DW Spectrum Application Bundle

When installing or updating DW Spectrum IPVMS, the Server and Client software programs can be acquired and applied as separate components. Alternatively, the “full software” bundle is available for download as well.

When using the DW Spectrum Bundled version, users are advised to continue using the bundled version, and not the individual components, when updating the DW Spectrum Software. If a user decides to update the software using the individual components rather than continuing through with the bundled version, redundant installations of the program will be added to the system.

This article will outline how to remove the DW Spectrum Bundle from a DW Spectrum Server computer without needing to perform the additional steps of creating and restoring a database backup, license reactivation, etc., provided in the form of a 3-part process below.

**NOTE:  This process is for changing the DW Spectrum software installations and keeping the same DW Spectrum version only. Do not switch between the bundled/full version and the individual Server/Client components if the current software build version is different.

**NOTE:  All actions for this process should be performed directly at the server hardware and cannot be performed through the DW Cloud web portal.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW Blackjack Servers
  • Custom-built Servers Using DW Spectrum Bundle

Benefits of Changing from Bundled to Individual Components

While there is nothing inherently wrong with having both the bundled version and the individual components installed on the server, the benefits of removing the bundled version and replacing it with the individual DW Spectrum components include:

  • Having both the bundled version and individual components installed creates a simple redundancy that will occupy additional storage. Replacing the bundle and only having the individual DW Spectrum Server and Client components will free up storage space on the server computer
  • If a future troubleshooting situation where the DW Spectrum Client portion of the software must be uninstalled and then reinstalled to resolve a client issue, the DW Spectrum Server portion can remain installed rather than having to remove the entire bundle.
  • When updating the DW Spectrum software, users do not need to worry about making sure that the DW Spectrum Bundle version and the individual DW Spectrum Server and DW Spectrum Client versions are all using the same build version.

In consideration of this, some DW Spectrum Owner users often make the decision to change from using the bundled version to manage the Server and Client components separately. By doing so, they no longer are faced with the need to continue updating the bundled version whenever updating their DW Spectrum Servers.

How to Change From Bundled to Individual Server/Client Components

Part 1: Install the DW Spectrum Server Component

Before removing the DW Spectrum Bundle (full software) from the server computer, it is recommended to first install the individual DW Spectrum Server component. This allows the Server portion of the software to continue using a system database that is already recognized by the DW Spectrum System.

To install the individual DW Spectrum Server component:

  1. Download and install the DW Spectrum IPVMS Server component from before removing or installing any other portion of DW Spectrum on the hosting computer.

**NOTE:  You may also preemptively download the DW Spectrum IPVMS Client component, but you will not need it until Part 3 of the guide below.

  1. Install the spectrum-server component first. Follow the installation steps as provided by the installation wizard.

Part 2: Remove the DW Spectrum Bundled/Full Version

After installing the individual DW Spectrum Server component, uninstall the DW Spectrum Bundle from the hosting computer.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel program.

  1. In Control Panel, click on “Uninstall a Program“ and open the Programs and Features menu.

  1. In the Programs and Features menu, select the DW Spectrum Bundle the click Uninstall.

Follow the uninstallation steps as provided by the uninstallation wizard.

Part 3: Installing the DW Spectrum Client Component

After the DW Spectrum Bundle has been removed, the DW Spectrum Client component will need to be installed.

  1. Download and install the DW Spectrum IPVMS Client component from

  1. Install the spectrum-client component. Follow the installation steps as provided by the installation wizard.

  1. The computer’s Programs and Features listing will now have the DW Spectrum Server and DW Spectrum Client components individually.

For More Information or Technical Support

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