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Export Bookmark from Timeline

Affected Roles: System Owner • System Administrator • Developer
Related DW Spectrum VMS Apps: DW Spectrum Desktop • DW Spectrum Server • DW Spectrum Server API
Difficulty: Medium
Introduced: v3.2

Export Bookmark from Timeline

DW Spectrum v3.2 introduced a feature that allows users to export bookmarks quickly from the timeline.

How to Export a Bookmark from the Timeline?

  1. Find and select the Bookmark you would like to export on the Timeline
    *remember you need to have a camera selected on the Viewing Grid in order to interact with the Timeline.
  2. Click on the 3rd icon (download icon) on the Bookmark.
  3. The Export Dialog will now appear.

* As with all video exports the larger the Bookmark duration the longer the Bookmark will need to complete exporting.

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  • 16-Apr-2019