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TeamViewer Unattended Access on a DW Blackjack Unit

TeamViewer Unattended Access on a DW Blackjack Server


Affected Roles:  Admin, Owner

Last Edit:  October 25, 2022


DW Support and Remote Assistance

When working with the DW Support team, remote access through the TeamViewer remote management software may be requested by the DW support technician to temporarily allow them to remotely inspect and troubleshoot a DW Blackjack product.

This application comes pre-installed on DW Blackjack units and remote access can be provided by the system owner at their discretion, however some users may wish to allow unattended access to the server and to use a custom permanent password rather than needing to be physically onsite each time remote access is provided.

This article will outline how to install TeamViewer and create a personal password for unattended access to a DW Blackjack server.

**NOTE:  Before installing the latest version of TeamViewer on your DW Blackjack Server, be sure that your current operating system is supported by TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Unattended Access Setup

Installing TeamViewer

The TeamViewer software application comes pre-installed on DW Blackjack units. However, if TeamViewer must be installed:

  1. Open a web browser and visit

Click the Download button in the menu bar.

  1. Click on “Download 64-bit Version” to download the installer.

Open the installation file (Teamviewer_Setup_x64.exe).

**NOTE:  DW Blackjack units use x64-bit computing. If you are not using a prebuilt DW Blackjack unit, be sure that you download the correct computing version of TeamViewer for your custom built server.

  1. Use the TeamViewer Setup installation wizard to install the TeamViewer application.

Use the Default installation option when installing.

Setting Up Unattended Access

To set up Unattended Access for the TeamViewer application:

  1. Launch the TeamViewer application and select the “Remote Control” tab.

The computer’s temporary TeamViewer ID and Password will display in the Allow Remote Control section and changes regularly.

To create a permanent login that does not change locate the Unattended Access section and enable “Start TeamViewer with Windows”.

  1. Open the Menu and select the Extras > Options menu.

In the TeamViewer Options menu select the Advanced tab then click the “Show advanced options” button.

Among the advanced options, in the Personal Password section, create a Password then re-enter it again in the Confirm Password box. Click the OK button to save the changes.

It may be useful to use a company-wide universal password if access to the unit will be shared.

Provide the TeamViewer ID and your Personal Password to your technician to provide TeamViewer unattended Access to the DW Blackjack unit.