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Analyzing and Predicting Storage Usage

Analyzing and Predicting Storage Usage

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Date Created: 10/11/2019

Article Heading Analyzing and Predicting Storage Usage

Due to differing bitrate streams, different cameras may require more or less storage space to save data for the same time interval. DW Spectrum uses a special algorithm to balance storage in order to keep the same amount of time stored for different cameras.  DW Spectrum storage analytics help estimate and predict storage usage.

 Note: Administrators have the option of setting a minimum or maximum number of days that data is archived for any given camera. See "Configuring Minimum and Maximum Archive Storage".

Some common ways storage analysis can be used:

•Identify camera(s) that stream at extremely high bitrates

•Estimate amount of time that server can store data from a given device, in days and hours

•Understand the storage space that each camera consumes

•Predict the amount of time a server can store recording if additional storage is added.

To access Storage Statistics for a server:

1.Open Server Settings from the server context menu and go to the Storage Analytics tab. Data is displayed by server and then by individual camera.

•Camera – Camera name

•Space – the amount of storage currently consumed by recordings from this camera

•Calendar Days – the amount of recorded data that is available for this camera. DW Spectrum uses a special algorithm to keep the same amount of time stored for different cameras. However, a user can set minimum or maximum storage duration in days for individual cameras. See "Configuring Maximum and Minimum Recording Time for Camera".

•Bit rate for (all data, hour, day, etc) – the average bit rate of the camera. It is possible to specify the amount of time the average bit rate is calculated for, by specifying it in the upper-right drop-down list (i.e last 5 minutes or last day).

To anticipate the storage capacity it is necessary to switch to the Forecast for full storage(s) tab and select the amount of storage to be added (in the screenshot shown 63.10 TB is considered to be added). The software will display the amount of time camera(s) can be recorded with the added capacity (notice Calendar Days and Space).

 Note: The data may change after the form is opened. To update it click Refresh.

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  • 11-Oct-2019