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DMP Virtual App Integration with DW Spectrum

DMP Virtual App Integration with DW Spectrum®


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Last Edit:  September 29, 2021


DMP and DW Spectrum® IPVMS

The integration of DMP allows users to use DW Spectrum® through the DMP Virtual Keypad mobile application. 

To use this feature, DW Spectrum must be enabled for use in the DMP Dealer Admin web portal or by using the Tech APP mobile application before devices can be connected to the Virtual Keypad mobile application.

This article will outline how to enable DW Spectrum in DMP Dealer Admin and how to connect a DW Spectrum server to the DMP Virtual Keypad application.

**NOTE:  The integration setup instructions below are written under the assumption that the DW Spectrum Server and system have already been set up.  If this is not the case, please complete your DW Spectrum IPVMS system setup before proceeding.

Download DMP Mobile Applications

For this integration, download and install the following DMP mobile applications from the Google Play store or the App Store:

Integration Setup

Part 1:  Enable DW Spectrum in Dealer Admin

  1. Sign in to the DMP Dealer Admin web portal.
  1. Locate the customer, then select their system’s account number.
  1. The System Information page will display.  Click on “Edit”.
  1. In “Third Party Integrations”, enable “Digital Watchdog Spectrum IPVMS”.

  1. Click on “Connection Type” and select “Cloud” or “Blackjack”, depending on the type of connection set up for the server.
    • If you select “Blackjack”, a pop-up window will display in the web browser.  Enter the server IP Address and Port value (Default: 7001) into the pop-up registration form.
  1. Click the “Save” button when finished with entering the server IP Address and Port number.

The Third Party Integrations web page will display again.  Click the “Save” button to apply the changes.

Part 2:  Connect DW Spectrum to Virtual Keypad

  1. Open the Virtual Keypad mobile application and select a system.  Enter your DMP user login.
  1. Tap the “Menu” icon, then select the “Video” menu.

  1. In the Video menu, tap the “Edit” icon and select “Connect Digital Watchdog Spectrum”.

  1. You will be prompted to enter your DW Spectrum credentials.  Enter your User ID and Password for the DW Spectrum system.
    • Default User ID:  admin [or] dwuser
    • Default Password:  admin1234 [or] DW5pectrum

  1. After logging in to the DW Spectrum system, select one or more servers from the resulting DW Spectrum list.

Click “Save” to accept the DMP Virtual App configuration.

  1. Cameras connected to the DW Spectrum system will be viewable through DMP Virtual Keypad.

To begin viewing a camera stream, select a camera from the list.

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