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External Microphone Setup for a MEGApix IP Camera

Microphone Setup for a MEGApix® IP Camera


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Last Edit:  June 18, 2021


External Microphone

Digital Watchdog’s MEGApix® IP Camera Model Line includes a variety of camera options to consider for your surveillance needs.  If you are considering audio capture, some camera models feature a built-in microphone (ex: DWC-MV72Wi28A) while others will require that an external microphone to be connected with a 3.5mm audio jack to allow the camera to capture audio and transmit it to its DW Spectrum® Server.

This article will outline how to connect an external microphone to a MEGApix® IP camera.

**NOTE:  When connecting an external microphone to a MEGApix® IP camera, it is typically recommended to use an amplified microphone for better audio clarity.  MEGApix® IP cameras utilize a 3.5mm auxiliary jack size.

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Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® IP Camera Model Line

Setting Up an External Microphone

To connect an external microphone to a MEGApix® IP camera:

  1. At the camera, connect the 3.5mm auxiliary jack to the external microphone and to the MEGApix® IP camera’s microphone cable input connector.

**NOTE:  For part identification specific to your camera model, please refer to your camera’s User Manual.

  1. Connect and configure the MEGApix® IP camera for the camera network.

Once that has been performed, open a web browser on a local computer and connect with the camera’s Web Viewer.

**NOTE:  If the camera is no longer using the default IP address of the camera and you do not know the new IP address, IP Finder™ can be used to scan the network for connected MEGApix® IP cameras.

  1. Once you have connected with the Web Viewer, locate the audio toggle button at the bottom of the viewing window.

Enable the audio toggle button and adjust the volume slider to your desired audio level to test the setup.

  1. Audio should be able to be heard through the Web Viewer.

If you cannot hear audio, make sure that your computer’s volume and speakers are turned on and set to an appropriate level.

Additionally, check the audio cable to ensure that the both ends are securely connected to both the external microphone and to the MEGApix® IP camera.

**NOTE:  To hear audio through a computer, speakers must be connected or built-in to the device to provide an audio-out option for the setup.

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