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Updating Firmware of a DW Blackjack MINI

Updating Firmware of a DW Blackjack® MINI™


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  October 17, 2022


DISCONTINUED PRODUCT:  As of October 2022, the DW Blackjack MINI Series is a discontinued product and is no longer eligible for future firmware updates.

Firmware Updates

Periodically, the operating firmware of hardware, such as cameras and servers, will need to be updated.  These updates are important for both the operability of the device and for its interactions with DW Spectrum® IPVMS as they will often contain bug-fixes, improvements, or security updates.

This article will outline how to update the firmware of the DW Blackjack® MINI™.

**NOTE:  This article is for updating the firmware of the DW Blackjack® MINI™ itself.  If you are trying to update the DW Spectrum IPVMS (ARM) software of the unit, please refer to Updating DW Spectrum IPVMS ARM for a DW Blackjack MINI.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW Blackjack® MINI™ (DW-BJMINIxT)
  • DW Blackjack® MINI™ w/ RAID (DW-BJMINIxTR)

Updating the Firmware

To update the operating firmware of the DW Blackjack® MINI™:

  1. You may acquire the up-to-date file on the DW Blackjack® MINI™ product page.  Scroll down the product page and select the Download tab to access the available firmware and software files.

Download the latest firmware available for the DW Blackjack® MINI™.

Save the file to the computer’s desktop for easier access.

  1. To connect with the DW Blackjack® MINI™, open a web browser on a computer that shares the same local network (LAN) as the DW Blackjack® MINI™ (or that can connect externally/WAN).

Enter the IP Address and Port of the DW Blackjack® MINI™ using the following format to connect with the unit’s web client.

http://<Server IP Address>:<Port>

    • Example IP Address:
    • Example Port:  80 (default)
    • Example URL:

**NOTE:  If you do not know the IP Address of the DW Blackjack® MINI™, you can use DW IP Finder™ or check in the DW Spectrum® Client to identify the address of the headless server.  Otherwise, the default IP Address is

  1. Once you have connected with the DW Blackjack® MINI™ web client, enter the Administrator login for the unit.
    • Default Username:  admin
    • Default PW:  admin1234

**NOTE:  The login information for the DW Blackjack® MINI™ and DW Spectrum® IPVMS are two separate logins. Use the login for the DW Blackjack® MINI™ to access the settings of the device itself and not the video management system.

  1. After logging in to the DW Blackjack® MINI™ as an Administrator, click on the System tab, then select “General”.

  1. The current Device Information will display including the currently applied firmware version.

If the firmware is outdated, click the Update button.

  1. Select the new firmware file for the update and upload the file.

  1. Once the file has finished uploading, a confirmation box will display.

Click the OK button to proceed with the firmware update.

  1. Allow the update to run.

Once the update has completed, another confirmation message will display.

Click the OK button to finish the firmware update.

  1. The DW Blackjack® MINI™ will reboot.

Once the device has completed rebooting, log in to the DW Blackjack® MINI™ web client once more and verify that the new firmware version has been applied in the General menu.

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