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MEGApix IVA+ Analytics - Creating Non-Detect Zone Rule

MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Analytics – Creating Non-Detect Zone Rule


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

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Complexity:  Low

Last Edit:  February 26, 2021


Non-Detect Zone Rule

The MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ camera’s Non-Detect Zone rule can be configured to exclude the detection of objects or people within a specified area.  This rule can be useful if the camera’s field of vision overlooks high traffic areas or scenes that have lots of ambient motion that you do not want IVA to track.

This article will outline how to create a Non-Detect Zone rule using the camera’s IVA analytic options.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Camera Series

Creating a Non-Detect Zone Rule

MEGApix IVA Training Video - Creating Non-Detect Zone from Digital Watchdog on Vimeo.

To create a Non-Detect Zone rule:

  1. From the camera’s Web Client, click the Setup button to enter the Configuration menu.

  1. Select IVA from the menu, then select the Rules menu.

From the Rules menu, click the Add button and select Non-Detection Zone.

  1. A zone will overlay the camera’s video in the preview window.

Position the lines so that it masks the area that you would like the camera to ignore object detection.  Click-and-drag the colored nodes (corners) to adjust the zone’s size and shape.

To create a more complex shape, click one of the gray nodes to add a new segment to the detection line.

To delete a segment, click the minus sign next to any of the nodes.

  1. In the Name box, you have the option to enter a label for the rule.

After configuring the zone and naming the rule, click the Save button to apply the settings and create the Non-Detect Zone.

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