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MEGApix IVA+ Analytics - Creating Stopped Rule

MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Analytics – Creating Stopped Rule


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

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Complexity:  Low

Last Edit:  February 23, 2021


Stopped Rule

The MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ camera’s Stopped rule can be configured to trigger an event rule when an object or person crosses into the detection zone, then stops completely past a set dwell time.

This article will outline how to create a Stopped rule using the camera’s IVA analytic options.

**NOTE:  The Stopped rule differs from the Loitering analytic rule in how it requires the tracked object or person to come to a complete stop and remain stopped.  This is ideal for monitoring traffic movement.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Camera Series

Creating a Stopped Rule

MEGApix IVA Training Video - Creating Stopped Rule from Digital Watchdog on Vimeo.

To create a Stopped rule:

  1. From the camera’s Web Client, click the Setup button to enter the Configuration menu.

  1. Click on IVA from the Configuration menu, then select Rules.

From the Rules menu, click the Add button and select Stopped.

  1. A detection zone will overlay the camera’s video in the preview window.

Position the zone so that it masks the area of interest.  Click-and-drag the colored nodes (corners) to adjust the zone’s size and shape.

To create a more complex shape, click one of the gray nodes to add a new segment to the detection zone.

To delete a segment, click the minus sign next to any of the nodes.

  1. You may configure the following options:
    • Name – enter a label for the rule
    • Threshold – set the amount of time, in seconds, required for an object to be stopped within the zone before triggering an event
    • Object Filter – set this option to ON to allow the rule to only trigger based on the classification of an object (e.g. person, vehicle, etc.)
    • Classes – to use this option, the Object Filter option must be set to ON.  Select which object classification types will trigger the event alarm upon crossing into the detection zone.  The selection options can be changed in the IVA > Classification menu.
    • Event Notification (TCP Event) – enable for TCP notifications when event is triggered
    • Event Notification (HTTP Event) – enable for HTTP notifications when event is triggered
    • Triggered By – select to have the event action be triggered by an object or by an Action Rule (set up in camera’s Action Rules menu)
    • Triggered At – select to have the event action trigger at the beginning or at the end of the event
    • Action Rule – you may select an Action Rule to activate when the event is triggered
    • Convert IVA to MD – enable to allow camera to pass IVA event through the camera’s event engine using the camera’s ONVIF stream

  1. After configuring the detection zone, Rule Properties, and Event Actions, click the Save button to apply the settings and create the Stopped rule.

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