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Recovery Firmware For The EN4K16 Compressor

Recovery Firmware For The EN4K16 Compressor™


Affected Roles:  Administrator

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  February 4, 2021


System Recovery

In the event of system errors, software corruption, or display issues, recovery firmware files can be applied as a final troubleshooting step.  By running the recovery program, the EN4K16 Compressor™ will be defaulted and reverted to an older version of its firmware, resolving most operational issues.  Once the recovery is complete, the Compressor™ firmware can be upgraded back to the up-to-date release.

This article will guide you through the recovery process for the EN4K16 Compressor.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW-EN4K16 Compressor™

Required Equipment

  • USB Stick (FAT32 format; should not exceed 32 GB)
  • Display Monitor (connected to the EN4K16 Compressor™)
  • USB Mouse (connected to the EN4K16 Compressor™)

**NOTE:  It is recommended to avoid the use of Kingston and San Disk brand USB sticks, as the Compressor™ may experience an issue while allocating the firmware files from the USB.

Downloading Recovery Files

To download the recovery files from Dropbox Click Here.

Click the Download button to acquire the firmware recovery files.

**NOTE:  When running the recovery program, there should be no other items on the USB stick other than the recovery firmware files.

Recovering the System

Setting Up the Recovery Drive

To set up the recovery USB:

  1. Download the Recovery Firmware from the link above.

  1. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to a blank USB (Fat32 format).

Place all three (3) of the recovery files into a folder and title it as “diag3531D”.

Once the recovery files have been extracted and placed into the folder on the USB, you may eject the USB stick from the computer.

Running the Recovery Firmware

To use the USB recovery drive:

  1. Power OFF the Compressor™.  To do so at the unit, right-click with the connected mouse, then select Shutdown from the context menu.

When prompted, turn the power switch on the rear panel of the unit to the OFF position.  You will know when the unit has completely powered down once the power LED on the front panel is no longer illuminated.

  1. Insert the USB into a free USB port on the front panel of the Compressor™, then power ON the unit.

The Compressor™ will begin to boot and will run the recovery program from the connected USB stick.

**NOTE:  It is a normal occurrence if the unit begins beeping during this process.

  1. Once the recovery process has been completed, the system will reboot.

You will hear three (3) POST beeps indicating that the recovery has been successfully completed.  At this point, power down the unit again and disconnect the USB stick.

Upgrading Firmware

Following running the recovery firmware, the system will be operating on an older firmware version.  It is recommended that you complete the Firmware Upgrade process, as outlined in the User Manual, at this time.

This completes the Firmware Recovery process.  User and System settings will have been defaulted as a result of recovering the system.

If operational or system issues persist, please contact Digital Watchdog Technical Support for further assistance.

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  • 05-Feb-2021