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No Longer Supported Products List

No Longer Supported Products List


Discontinuation of Service

As Digital Watchdog progresses in the field of surveillance security, new products will continually be released.  While we offer our support to distributors and installers with specific products that have recently ceased being produced, please be aware that some older models no longer qualify for any technical support.  This helps us to prioritize our efforts to support our customers with our current products.

Products No Longer Supported

The following products are no longer supported by Digital Watchdog Technical Support.

Recorder Models

DW-16ZA Series

DW-9800 Series

DW-MAX-II Series

DW-4ZA Series

DW-ECO16 Series

DW-Nexus Series

DW-704N Series

DW-ECO4 Series

DW-Pro7000 Series

DW-708N Series

DW-EZ4 Series

DW-Pro9000 Series

DW-716N Series

DW-EZ8 Series


DW-7200 Series

DW-HVT Series

DW-VMAX Series

DW-8ZA Series

DW-MAX Series

DW-VMAX Transporter

DW-916N Series

DW-MAX-HD Series

DW-VMAXD1 Series

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  • 26-Jan-2021