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Configure Storage (HDDs, NAS)

Affected Roles: System Owner • System Administrator 
Related DW Spectrum VMS Apps: DW Spectrum Desktop 
Complexity: Medium

DW Spectrum provides a simple way to manage storage in a System. Each Media Server can use unlimited local and network storage. If more than one storage location is used the DW Spectrum Media Server will automatically balance space consumption across drives.  Usage intensity is strictly related to storage availability.

To Configure/Modify Local Server Storage Drives:

  1. Right click on a Server in the Resource Panel and choose Server Settings.
  2. Make sure any storage locations you'd like to use are checked.

DW Spectrum will automatically reserve space on every drive assigned for storage according to the following basic rules:

System Drives (e.g. C: drive)
A system drives contains the operating system. As such, DW Spectrum tries to avoid using this drive if at all possible.

  • Disabled for recording unless it is the only drive and/or it is at least 5 times smaller than any other drive on the computer.

Local Hard Drives / HDDs (e.g. D: drive)
Any drive which is to be used exclusively for archived video. 

  • Reserved space will be 50-100GB and will not exceed more than 10% of any individual drive's capacity.

NAS Devices
NAS devices are treated as one large hard drive and recordings are streamed from an DW Spectrum Server to the NAS device over a network connection (LAN, WAN)

  • Reserved space will be 50-100GB and will not exceed more than 10% of the NAS's capacity.

To modify reserved space on HDDs:

  1. Navigate to http://serverIPaddress:7001/static/index.html#/advanced
  2. Log in with your Owner or Admin credentials.
  3. Navigate to the Storage section and change reserved space values.
  4. Click Save.
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  • 15-Oct-2019