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Troubleshooting ActiveX Controls for VMAX Web Viewer

Troubleshooting ActiveX Controls for VMAX Web Viewer


Affected Roles:  Administrator, User

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  VMAX® Web Viewer

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  December 11, 2020



The ActiveX software architecture of Internet Explorer allows users to view camera video and to manage DW® standalone recorder settings completely from the browser.  This software is a key component when using the Web ACS plugin or VMAX® Web Viewer when connecting from Internet Explorer.  On occasion, this software plugin will not install and prevent users from controlling the virtual interface of their DVR or NVR through Internet Explorer.

This article will outline how to configure the security settings of Internet Explorer to permit the installation and implementation of the ActiveX plugin, allowing the viewing and control of a VMAX® DVR or NVR through the web browser.

Note:  Symptoms of the ActiveX plugin failing to run/install programs is typically represented by connecting with a VMAX® recording unit with Internet Explorer and being unable to see any camera video or GUI (graphical user interface).  ActiveX permissions are sometime disabled by default, depending on preferred security settings, creating these issues.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • VMAX® IP Plus™ Series
  • VMAX® A1 Plus™ Series
  • VMAX® A1™ Series [legacy] and other discontinued DVRs

Checking Internet Explorer for ActiveX

When connecting to a VMAX® standalone unit, ActiveX must be allowed to run and install for cameras to communicate camera video through the VMAX® Web Viewer.  If after connecting with the VMAX® unit, video does not display and a prompt is not presented to install the Web ACS plugin, ActiveX is likely not enabled.

To check ActiveX in Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch the Internet Explorer application.

Note:  For Windows 10, be sure that you are using Internet Explorer and not Microsoft edge.  Microsoft Edge does not support ActiveX.

  1. To connect with the VMAX® unit, enter the IP address or DDNS address of the recording unit into the address bar. 

Be sure to precede the address with “http://”.

  • Example IP:
  • Example Web Port:  8245
  • Example URL:

  1. Once connected with the VMAX® Web Viewer, enter the login of the DVR/NVR (default is admin/admin).

  1. After logging in, if the resulting does not display video, check to see if there is a prompt to install “WebACS.dll”.  If so, allow the installation of the plugin and refresh the browser page.

If there is no prompt to install the plugin, proceed to the next section.

Enabling ActiveX in Internet Explorer

To ensure that ActiveX controls are enabled:

  1. In Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon (Tools) on the toolbar and select “Internet options”.

  1. The Internet Options settings window will display.

Click on the Security tab, then click the Custom Level button.

  1. The Security Settings window will display.

Scroll through the Settings section and select either Allow or Prompt for all setting controls under the “ActiveX controls and plug-ins” section, then click the OK button to confirm and close the Security Settings window.

Next, click the Apply button to confirm, then click the OK button to close the Internet Options window.

  1. After enabling the ActiveX controls, attempt to reconnect with the VMAX® DVR/NVR.

You will be prompted to install the WebACS.dll plugin.  Allow the plugin to install and follow all prompts to complete the installation.

Once the installation has completed, refresh the VMAX® Web Viewer page and log in to the recording unit again.

Camera video will display.

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