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How does DW Spectrum recycle the storage?

What is storage recycle?

Storage Recycle is a required function to keep the storage available.
If the available space of Local Disks/NAS/iSCSI is less than the reserved space(for example 50GB), then DW Spectrum  will start to delete/clean the oldest files, then new footage could be stored to the storage and DW Spectrum  can always have space to keep the latest recording.

How does DW Spectrum do it?

When Server detects that the available space of the storage is less than the reserved space, meaning that there is no space for new files, then DW Spectrum will delete the oldest 1-minute file, then check the space again, until there is enough space for new files.

What is the frequency of this process?

DW Spectrum keeps recording data in up to 1-minute length, and DW Spectrum will delete the oldest 1-minute file to regain the free space, So the recycle process happens every minute.

How much data did you delete every time?

If you have 100 cameras recording with 8Mbps bitrate per camera -- you will have deleted ~ 600 MBs recycled per minute. In other words, DW Spectrum will recycle the size which is equal to the size recording coming into the storage. For example, if the storage is full and need recycle, then your recording comes in with the size of 600MB, then DW Spectrum will delete 600MB for keeping the newest recording.

Is the process changed when I have a different amount of footage coming every day? 

This process does not change regarding to the recording pattern. This process will do the same thing even your scales is 20 GB/day, 50 GB/day or 10 TB/day.

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  • 29-Mar-2019