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Factory Defaulting MxT Cameras

Factory Defaulting MxT Cameras


Affected Roles:  Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW IP Finder™

Complexity:  Medium

Software Version:  v4.4.9 or newer

Last Edit:  December 3, 2020


Remote Factory Default

Due to physical limitations of hardware, some cameras (MTT, MVT, and MT varieties) do not feature an option to perform a factory reset using a physical button.  In these cases, the DW IP Finder™ software can be used instead to locate the DW camera and factory default the device.

This article will outline how to use DW IP Finder™ to factory default Digital Watchdog IP cameras that commonly do not feature a physical reset option.

Note:  DW IP Finder™ is supported by Windows OS only.  The computer using DW IP Finder™ should be physically connected to the same network as the camera.  It may be easier if this process is performed during a bench test, rather than leaving the camera in the installed location.

Before using DW IP Finder™ to default the camera, make sure that the DW IP Finder™ software is installed.  If you experience issues locating the camera with DW IP Finder™, you may need to configure the Windows Firewall settings.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® IP Camera Series

Using DW IP Finder™ to Default

To default a MEGApix® IP camera using DW IP Finder™:

  1. Launch the DW IP Finder™ program and select the correct network card to connect with the target camera’s network.

At the bottom of the window, enter the camera’s Administrator Username and Password so that you are authorized to configure the camera (default: admin/admin).

  1. Click the “Scan Devices” button.

  1. The DW IP Finder™ software will scan the selected network for Digital Watchdog IP cameras.

Once the camera list has populated, you may either double-click on the target camera or click the IP ConfigurationClick” button to select the camera.

  1. For this next step, the camera will need to power-cycled (physically turned off, then turned back on).  Be prepared to disconnect power to the camera when instructed.

Click the “Restore default camera configuration” button.

Note:  If you have not already done so, enter the camera’s Administrator Username and Password for authorization (default: admin/admin).

  1. The software will indicate that the camera will need to be rebooted within 30 seconds.  Disconnect power from the camera at this time.

  1. Wait at least five (5) seconds, then reconnect power to the camera.

After a minute (approx.), re-scan with DW IP Finder™ to locate the camera. The camera will be defaulted and can be reconfigured.

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