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12/07/2020 - New Product Announcement - DW Introduces New Hybrid NightWatch Illuminators                                                               New Product Announcement

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  December 7, 2020

DW® NightWatch™ IR, white light, and hybrid illuminators

DW® Introduces New Hybrid NightWatch™ Illuminators

The new high-performance illuminators that combine IR and white light are ideal additions to any video surveillance system.

Digital Watchdog® (DW®), the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, announces the addition of IR and white light hybrid illuminators to our NightWatch™ line of visible and concealed illuminators. The new products are the perfect additions to any surveillance system that requires robust external lighting both as a visible deterrent and complementary concealed lighting for cameras. All DW illuminators are fully integrated with DW Spectrum® IPVMS and can be controlled and managed remotely from the software.

The DW-ILHYBIP850 and DW-ILHYBIP940 are NDAA/TAA compliant IP-enabled infra-red (IR) and white light (WL) LED outdoor illuminator. The hybrid illuminator incorporates the latest surface mount Dual-Core® LEDs, combined with enhanced optical output and outstanding reliability to provide users with a smart concealed and deterrent lighting solution for a wide range of applications.

The illuminator’s front window is coated in CleanView™ hydrophobic coating to repel dust and water and includes an interchangeable lens pack to deliver a variety of angles out of the box providing users the flexibility to create different elliptical beam profiles.


  • Hybrid infra-red and white light LED illuminator
  • Interchangeable lens pack for a variety of angles out of the box
  • Direct integration with DW Spectrum IPVMS
  • Create different elliptical beam profiles
  • Motion-activated
  • CleanView hydrophobic coating repels water, dust and grease
  • Activate white light to deter intruders
  • Remotely adjustable photocell and illumination levels
  • 850nm IR wavelength (DW-ILHYBIP850)
  • 940nm IR wavelength (DW-ILHYBIP940)
  • Ultra-white ≈ 6000K white light
  • 66-614ft IR coverage
  • 94-374ft white light coverage
  • Sock sensor
  • Web interface built-in
  • High-power Dual-Core LED’s with advanced, current limited and integral control circuitry
  • NDAA/TAA compliant
  • IP66 environmental-rated dust-tight and water-resistant
  • IK 09-rated impact-resistant

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