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Expanding your DW Spectrum System

Expanding your DW Spectrum System.

A DW Spectrum System is made up of one or more computers running the DW Spectrum Media Server Application. 

In order to be considered a single System the following criteria must be met:

  • The System Name and System Password must be the same on all installed Media Servers.
  • The Servers must be able to see each other - either on a LAN or WAN.

To Expand a System by Merging an Existing Server or System:

Merging a system is useful in situations where one or more DW Spectrum Systems are running on a single network and/or where Servers were installed with mismatched System Names or passwords.

  • Select the Main Menu button and choose Merge Systems.
  • Enter the Server address (IP Address or host URL) and Password for the existing System you wish to merge.
  • Press the Check button to confirm connectivity to the System you are attempting to merge/merge with.
  • Choose which System name and Password should remain once the merge is complete.
    Press ok.
  • That's all, folks. Once the System is successfully merged you will see all merged Systems/Devices now available in the Resource Panel.

More information on Expanding your DW Spectrum System  

Server Hive Synchronization

A huge advantage of merging DW Spectrum servers is that it will grant you to create a FAILOVER SYSTEM. This is critical for locations to have no faults or loss of data. When a server is offline, Failover will automatically add the device from the offline server to the other merged servers. 

Here is an article to set up a FAILOVER SYSTEM.

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