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End User Assistance Guide

End User Assistance Guide


Affected Roles:  End Users

Last Edit:  November 13, 2020


Technical Support End User Policy

As of autumn 2020, Digital Watchdog began offering limited support to end users through the use of knowledge base articles for most issues that can be resolved without needing to contract a security installer.  Any instances where the issue cannot be resolved by following a knowledge base article, it is still advised that the End user contact their security system installation company for assistance.

If the End User is unable to resolve the issue using the publicly available resources and does not currently contract with an installer, they may contact their area’s DW Representative to be referred to an installer.

Using the DW Support Page

If you can describe the nature of your question, you can use the DW Support Center to search for guides, advice, and informative articles.  Knowing the exact model or device series related to your Digital Watchdog product will yield better results.

  1. To use the DW public knowledge base, click on the Support tab found on the Digital Watchdog homepage.

  1. Once connected with the DW Support Center web page, enter a question or some keywords regarding your situation to the search engine.

  1. The engine will search for articles that match the keywords of your search and will display the results depending on perceived relevance to your request.

For example, searching for “password” will result in all knowledge base articles with the word “password”.  Related articles are linked by tags.

  1. Select the article that relates the most to your issue.

If you do not know the exact nature of your problem, the landing page of the DW Support Center features the top viewed articles in the knowledge base and also organizes articles by section.

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