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DW Support Guidelines For Troubleshooting OS Issues

DW Support Guidelines For Troubleshooting OS Issues


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

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Last Edit:  June 5, 2020


DW Blackjack OS Issues

Digital Watchdog’s Blackjack Series primarily operates using a Windows or Linux operating systems (OS).  The operating system of these servers are the same as any other computer; you may install or uninstall software, update software, save documents and pictures, or perform any other actions that may normally be performed on your personal computer.

The DW Blackjack Servers are configured in a specific manner for optimal performance to act as a media server for the DW Spectrum IPVMS system.  If the Blackjack Server is left to operate purely as a server, not as a workstation, it can be expected that the machine will have no issues as there will be no changes made to the overall configuration of the server.  However, if problems do arise and the machine is operating within the parameters that it was designed for, the problem may be related to the operating system.

In this type of scenario, the most effective method for resolving OS issues is to run the provided recovery process. 

Note:  When the recovery process is used, the OS will be reset and returned to its factory defaulted state, resolving all issues related to the operating system.

Common Reasons To Run Recovery

  • Unexpected pop-up windows
  • Slow startup and system performance
  • Suspicious hard drive activity
  • Lack of storage space on the operating system
  • Unexpected data loss not caused by the DW Spectrum software
  • Sudden freezing, crashing, or OS error messages
  • Unusually high network activity
  • Unexpected computer behavior
  • Browser issues
  • Security attacks

Recovery Disclaimer

While some of the above issues may be resolved through additional troubleshooting by the system user, Digital Watchdog Technical Support troubleshooting will be limited to ensuring that DW Spectrum Software and DW Blackjack hardware is functioning as expected.  Any issues regarding the operating system will be met with the recommendation to run the recovery process.

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