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Exporting Footage With C3 CMS

Exporting Footage With C3™ CMS


Affected Roles:  All Users

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  C3™ CMS

Complexity:  Low

Last Edit:  December 3, 2020


Exporting Video

When utilizing C3™ CMS to monitor your recording system, it is possible for users to select and export video footage from their system’s archive.

This article will outline the two most common ways you can export video footage from a recording unit to your computer using the C3™ CMS software.

Note:  If you have not added your DVR or NVR to the C3™ CMS software, please read Adding A Site to C3 CMS before proceeding.

Note:  If you are connected to your site using the Pathfinder function, please be aware that remote backup will not function.  To use remote backup, sites must be connected to C3™ CMS using an IP address or DDNS address.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • VMAX® A1 Series (2.1 MP)
  • VMAX® A1 Plus Series (5 MP)
  • VMAX® IP Plus Series

Performing a Backup

Streaming Backup

This method is different than using the Site Backup feature of C3™ CMS as users can be more specific with the timeframe of the footage, rather than being limited to exporting footage in hour-long blocks and use more storage.

To export video from the Timeline using C3™ CMS:

  1. From the left pane, under “Resources”, select a site from the Sites list and begin viewing video.

  1. To search for your footage, click on the Calendar icon in the bottom pane to display the Calendar Search feature.  If the bottom pane is currently hidden, click the tab at the bottom of the window to display the controls.

Use the Calendar to specify the date and time of the desired video playback.  After making your selections in the Calendar, the Timeline will activate.

  1. To set up the video export, right-click in the Timeline at the starting point of your desired section of footage, then select “Backup Start Set”.  A Start marker will display on the Timeline.
  1. To set the ending point of your desired section of footage, right-click at the end of your desired footage, then select “Backup End Set”.  An End marker will display on the Timeline.

Alternatively, click and drag in the Timeline using the right mouse button to highlight the desired timeframe.  You can click and slide the Start and End points with your mouse if an adjustment needed.

  1. The section of footage marked on the Timeline will be highlighted in yellow and the Streaming Backup settings will display.

In the Streaming Backup window, configure the following setting before continuing:

  • Path – under the Device Information section, verify or select the save location for the backup file.
  • Backup Player Export – enable this setting to include the C3™ CMS video player.  This is recommended if you will be sharing the exported footage with someone that does not have C3™ CMS or a media player that supports .SSF format.
  • Backup Setting – enable “ALL Channel” to create backup files for all video channels within the selected section of footage.  Otherwise, enable only the specific, relevant channels to save on storage space.
  • Start Time / End Time – verify or adjust the start and end points of the video export as needed.

  1. Once your specifications have been set, click the Backup Start button to begin the backup.  The processing time will vary depending on the length of the footage and the number of channels selected.  Click the Stop button at any point to abort the process early.

Once the export process has been completed, a confirmation message will display.  Click the OK button to close the pop-up.

The exported footage and Backup Player will be saved in the destination (Path) folder that was specified in the Streaming Backup settings window.

File Backup Dialog

To export video through File Backup:

  1. Open the Top Menu and select “Backup”.

  1. The Backup window will display.  Under “My Sites”, select the target site for the backup.

  1. Under the Site Information section, verify that the address information is correct.

For “Path”, determine the location where the video file will be saved in the computer.  To change the file pathing, click the ellipses (…) button.

  1. Use the Calendar to select a specific recording date.  Days colored in GREEN represents that there is video recorded for that day.

Under the Backup Time section, choose the time of the footage that you would like to backup.  In the File Backup dialogue, footage may only be backed up by the hour.

  1. Under the Channels to Backup section, specify which channels you would like to include in the backup.  By default, all channels will be included.
  1. Click the Start button to begin the backup process.  The progress bar at the bottom of the Backup window will display the status of the backup.

Playing Backed Up Footage

To play exported footage, users may either use

  1. If you are using the C3 CMS application, click the Player icon.

If you included the Backup Player with your video export, launch the C3Player application.

  1. In the File Drive List section, select the folder containing your video files.

Next, in the TTX File List section, select One (to view one channel at a time) or Multi (to view multiple channels simultaneously).

Double-click on a file to begin playing video.

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