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Recovery Firmware For The HDSPOTMOD

Recovery Firmware For The HDSPOTMOD


Affected Roles:  Administrator

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  May 12, 2020


System Recovery

In the event of system errors, software corruption, or display issues, recovery firmware files can be applied as a final troubleshooting step.  By running the recovery process, the DW® Spot™ Monitoring Module will be defaulted and reverted to an older version of its firmware, resolving most operational issues.  Once the recovery is complete, the device firmware can be upgraded back to the latest release.

This article will outline the recovery process for the DW HD Spot Module.

Note:  Running firmware recovery will completely default the system.  As a result, setup will be required for the HD Spot Module.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW® Spot™ Monitoring Module

Required Equipment

  • USB Drive (FAT32 format; should not exceed 32 GB)
  • Display Monitor (connected to the HD Spot Module)
  • USB Mouse (connected to the HD Spot Module)

Note:  It is recommended to avoid the use of Kingston and San Disk brand USB stick, as the unit may not recognize these USB brands.

Downloading Recovery Files

When preparing the USB stick for firmware recovery, it is recommended to format the drive to FAT32 before beginning.

  1. Determine which firmware recovery version is right for your unit.  Consider the model of your HD Spot Module (4-channel or 16-channel) and select the corresponding version of firmware.

Determine the generation of your HD Spot Module.

  • 1st Generation (firmware version starts with HS)
  • 2nd Generation (firmware version starts with FS)
  1. Click Here to Download the firmware recovery files for the DW HD Spot Module.

Copy the firmware files to the USB stick, making sure that you do not place any of the files into a folder.

 Note:  When running the firmware recovery program, there should be no other items on the USB stick other than the recovery firmware files.  Ensure that the files are not placed in a folder, as the system will be unable to locate the files if they are not placed in the root directory.

Recovering the System

To perform a firmware recovery, please follow these steps:

  1. From a computer, download the recovery firmware from the link above.

  1. Extract the contents of the downloaded folder to a blanks USB stick (FAT32 format).  Do not place the files into a folder.

Once the files are copied to the USB stick, you may eject the USB stick from the computer.

  1. Power off the HD Spot Module.

There is no power button on the device.  If you are unable to shutdown using the toolbar at the bottom of the user interface, disconnect the power cable for the HD Spot Module.

You will know that the device has powered off when there are no LED lights illuminated on the front panel of the HD Spot Module.

  1. Insert the USB stick into one of the two USB ports of the device.  USB port location varies, depending on the generation of your HD Spot Module.
  1. Power on the HD Spot Module.

Reconnect the power cable to the device.  The HD Spot Module will recognize power input and begin to boot.

The NVR will begin running the recovery process from the USB stick automatically.

  1. Once the firmware recovery program has completed, the HD Spot Module will reboot automatically.

Disconnect the USB stick at this time.

Note:  Following the recovery process, the HD Spot Module will have been factory defaulted and will be using an outdated firmware version (v1.3.5.2).  Use the Startup Wizard to complete the initial setup process after allowing the unit to reboot.  Click Here to download the Quick Setup Guide for the HD Spot Monitor Module.

Upgrading Firmware

Follow the instructions below to update the HD Spot Module to its latest firmware build:

  1. From a computer, open a web browser and visit
  1. Enter the Model Number of your HD Spot Module into the search box (DW-HDSPOTMOD or DW-HDSPOTMOD16).

This information is located on the sticker, physically on the device.

Select your model from the search results.

  1. If you have not yet done so, remove the firmware recovery files from the USB stick.  There cannot be any other files in the USB stick other than the firmware update at the time of the upgrade.
  1. Scroll down the product page and locate the Software tab.

Download the correct Version of firmware for your HD Spot Module to the USB stick.

You can compare the new version with the current firmware version of the device in the HD Spot Module’s System Information menu.

  • 1st Generation (firmware version starts with HS)
  • 2nd Generation (firmware version starts with FS)

  1. Insert the USB stick to the HD Spot Module.

Log in to the HD Spot Module as the Admin or as a user with Administrator privileges.

  • Default User:  Admin
  • Default Password:  <no password>
  1. At the HD Spot Module, right-click with the mouse and select Setup Menu.

Navigate to the System Information menu.

  1. Click the Upgrade button, located next to the current firmware Version.
  1. Set the Method to USB, then click the Scan button.

The HD Spot Module will detect the USB and firmware update file.

Click the Start button to begin the firmware upgrade.  The upgrade process will display in the Progress bar.  Allow the device to download and install the update.  Once the firmware upgrade is complete, the HD Spot Module will reboot automatically and begin to use the new firmware.

  1. Remove the USB stick from the device once the unit has finished rebooting.

Note:  This completes the firmware recovery process.  User and System settings will have been defaulted as a result of recovering the HD Spot Module.

If operational or system issues persist, please contact Digital Watchdog Technical Support for further assistance.

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