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Flowchart: Exit Menu (VMAX A1 Plus)

Flowchart:  Exit Menu (VMAX A1 Plus)


Affected Roles:  Owner, Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  April 25, 2019


Powering On/Off

The VMAX A1 Plus will automatically power on when the DVR detects that power input has been connected to the unit.  Powering the unit can be as simple as unplugging the DVR, disconnecting its power source.  However, turning the unit off in this fashion excessively poses the risk of damaging the internal hardware of the VMAX A1 Plus.

This flowchart briefly outlines the different exit options for the DVR, including shutting the unit down, rebooting, and logging out the current user.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • VMAX A1 Plus Series (5 MP)


Use the following flowchart to familiarize yourself with the different exit options for the VMAX A1 Plus.

Click on the back arrow (to the left of the flowchart) to go back to the previous option in the flowchart.

Note:  It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use the flowchart.

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  • 07-Apr-2020