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Installing DW Spectrum (Windows)

Installing DW Spectrum® (Windows)


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Complexity:  Low to Medium

Software Version: v4.1 or newer

Last Edit:  February 8, 2021


Creating A New System

DW Spectrum® is composed of two parts:

  • DW Spectrum® Media Server – the Media Server is Spectrum.  The media server is responsible for the recording, contains the database information of your added cameras and user profiles, and is arguably the most important aspect of the DW Spectrum® IPVMS platform.  The Media Server is supposed to be installed on a computer that will be acting as your server.  If you have a DW Blackjack® server, this software is already installed.
  • DW Spectrum® Client – the Client software provides the graphical interface with which users may utilize to interact with the Media Server and allows users to see what the Media Server is doing.  Some features include allowing users to configure settings, view live and recorded video, and manage device connections.  The Client is helpful for accessing the Media Server, but is not required to remain running for the Media Server to do its job.  Instead, it is recommended that users install the DW Spectrum Client software on a separate computer from the DW Spectrum Media Server computer to save on processing.

These two portions of DW Spectrum® IPVMS coordinate to comprise a System.  A System can refer to a group of merged servers or to a single server.

This article will explain how to install DW Spectrum® IPVMS, create a new server, create a new System, and how to change the System name and password.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW Blackjack® Server Series

Installing DW Spectrum® on Windows

  1. To obtain the installation files for DW Spectrum®, open a web browser and visit the DW Spectrum® IPVMS product page on the Digital Watchdog website.
  1. Scroll down and click on the Software tab. 

Select the version of DW Spectrum® that you want to install, then select the operating system that you will be installing with. 

Click on the Download symbol to download an installation file.

**Note:  The Full Software option contains a bundle of both the DW Spectrum® Client and DW Spectrum® Server software (Windows only).

  1. Run the installation wizard and complete the installation of DW Spectrum® IPVMS on your computer.  By default, a shortcut will be added to the computer desktop.

Creating a New System

1. Launch DW Spectrum® and create a New Server.

  1. As this is a first-time setup for DW Spectrum®, select Setup New System, then name the System.  The System name can be changed at a later time.

  1. Create an Administrator password.  This password will be the login password for the Administrator user profile and can be changed at a later time.

**NOTE:  It is recommended to create a password that uses at least eight characters and contains at least two variations of lowercase letters, capitalized letters, numbers, or non-roman symbols.

  1. The System is now created and ready to use. 

Use the login of admin and the password that you created in the previous step to log in and use the System.

Changing the Administrator Password and System Name

  1. To change the Administrator password, launch DW Spectrum® and connect with the System.

Right-click on the System (house icon) and select Open Web Client.

  1. A browser will open and connect with the System.  Enter the Administrator ID and Password to log in.

**Note:  An alternate method of accessing this web client is to use the Server IP Address to connect through a web browser.

  1. After logging into the System Web Client, you can change the Administrator password under the Settings > Server menu, located under Change admin password.  

This will change the password for the Administrator for your DW Spectrum® Client, the Server, and for the System Web Client.

  1. To change the System name, select the System tab (Settings > System).  Enter the new Name of the System, then select Rename System to rename the System.

It is recommended that keep track of your password.  If the Administrator password is forgotten, a password reset form must be submitted for all Blackjack Series NVRs.

If the DW Spectrum® Server is installed on a custom built server (not a DW Blackjack® Series NVR), a clean reinstallation of the DW Spectrum® Server will be required to reset a forgotten password.  To learn how to completely uninstall DW Spectrum®, check out DW Spectrum Clean Reinstall.