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Generic Event not triggering email

Generic Event not triggering email

Affected Roles: Administrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: C2P
Complexity: Low

Software Version:

Firmware Version:

Created By: JK

Date Created: 01/22/2020

Generic Event not triggering email

Check the Advanced settings > Rule Definitions >Edit in the proxy and confirm there is an entry in the top line labeled Generic Events. Only one Generic event is allowed on the form.
Check the ESE to confirm the box is checked that enables the generic event. Confirm the IP address of the VMS base is correct.
When a Rule is created make sure the exit routine confirms the changes are correct, even the last settings configuration screen needs to be saved on exit otherwise the changes are not kept.
The Procedure manager is set to show Alert and generic events (checked off). Check spelling of event name.
Use PortPeeker if necessary to confirm a generic event is being sent by changing the C2P ESE to another port temporarily example 1234 and send the generic event to a safe port number ex 1234 and look at the log file for the ESE.

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  • 22-Jan-2020