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Log Files within the integration

Log Files within the integration

Affected Roles: Administrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: C2P
Complexity: Low

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Created By: JK

Date Created: 01/22/2020

Log Files within the integration

The C2P integration framework provides log files for every component in the integration.
Use the log files. They are there to specifically facilitate fault isolation.
1) Logfile for viewing live data being received from the IP Appliance.
Each IP Appliance integration GUI has a “View Log” that displays everything being received from the connected IP appliance. This is the first place to look at troubleshooting and data-related issues, especially if you suspect no data is being received.
2) A log file that shows the status of the integration virtual camera server.
The integration virtual camera server is called the Event Stream Engine (ESE). This log file can be found in the ConvergenceTP folder in the Windows Start menu. Any errors associated with the ESE are reported in real-time.
See also: Virtual cameras are not displaying the default splash screen “Waiting for input”:
3) Logfile for data stored by the integration.
The Search Engine screen within the DW Spectrum client itself is the best log file. This is the best place to view all the data received. This only works if the data is actually being received from the IP Appliance. See item 1 above.
4) License server Log file.
The ConvergenceTP license server used by the integration can be found in the Windows start menu. Use this real-time log file to view the status of the license server, generate a seed key, and register a new license or update a license.

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