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Using a NightWatch illuminator with DW Spectrum

Using a NightWatch illuminator with DW Spectrum


NightWatch™ illuminators are perfect for any installation that requires external lighting. All detectors and illuminators are fully integrated with DW Spectrum. 

NightWatch™ illuminators are PoE powered network devices. DW Spectrum can communicate with these devices using the HTTP Request as an Action feature in the Alarm Rules.  Any Event in DW Spectrum, such as motion on camera or generic event from SiteWatch device, can be paired with the HTTP Request as an Action to create a functional system. For instance, All users want to be able to control the NIghtWatch illuminator from the DW Spectrum mobile app. 

DW Spectrum

In DW Spectrum right click on the camera  in the Left Navigation tree and select Camera Rules .

On the Event Rules window, click on the Add button

Click the When dropdown menu and select Soft Trigger

Select the device you want the button to appear on in the At

Select All users in the Available To 

Give the function a Name

Select an Icon

Optionally, you can Schedule when you want the feature available. 

Under Action select Do HTTP Request in Do

In HTTP URL add IP address of the NigthWatch device to the desired syntax. 

1. Turn on led for x seconds with y power level



          timeout(x): 0 .. 3600 (seconds)

          power(y): 0 .. 100

Example (turn on led for 30 seconds at 50% power)

2. Turn on strobe for x seconds(do not have power option)



        timeout(x): 0~3600

Example (strobe for 15 seconds)

3. Turn on(off) led with standard mode(do not have timeout or power option)

http://<ip_address>/nightwatch/led/standard/state/on (off)

Example (turn on led with standard mode and turn led off)

 * (to turn off)

4. Turn on(off) LED with energy save mode

http://<ip_address>/nightwatch/led/energy_save/state/on (off)

Example (turn on led with energy save)

*  (to turn off)

Add username  of the NightWatch device in Login

Add password of the NightWatch device in Password

Note : A unique rule will need to be created for each unique action defined in each separate NigthWatch illuminator.

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  • 19-May-2020