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Using the DW Spectrum IP Storage Calculator

DW Spectrum® Server IP Storage Calculator


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Last Edit:  March 13, 2020


System Storage

The DW Spectrum® IPVMS software allows users to monitor and review camera footage that has been archived to DW Spectrum® Servers.  As with all storage technology, there are limits to the amount of storage and processing power that each System can manage.

This article will describe how to use the DW Spectrum® IP Storage Calculator for estimating the storage requirements, based on the camera specifications for potential projects.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW Blackjack® Series

Using the DW Spectrum® IP Storage Calculator

The DW Spectrum® IP Storage Calculator is a free tool that you may use to determine prospective storage requirements, data rates, and to receive recommendations of DW Blackjack® Series Servers before you being to compile your recording System.

To use the DW Spectrum® IP Storage Calculator:

  1. Open a web browser and visit the DW Tools and Calculators web page.
  1. Select Build Your DW Spectrum IPVMS System.

**NOTE:  The DW Spectrum® IP Storage Calculator is configured for DW Spectrum® v3.2 and newer.  If you will be using an older version of DW Spectrum®, please use the DW IP Calculator.

  1. The Cameras tab will allow you to calculate estimated requirements for your System.

Click the Add New button to create a new camera row.

  1. Name the camera row and fill out the remaining boxes for each camera row that you add.  After selecting the Model, the recording settings will be set to the maximum quality to provide an estimated Data Rate, Required Storage, and to suggest DW Blackjack® Server models.

  1. The summary of the bottom of the Cameras section summarizes the total number of cameras that you have selected, the total estimated Data Rate, Required Storage, and the number of Compatible Servers (DW Blackjack®) that will support your System array.

Click Next to continue to view recommended DW Blackjack® Series models.

  1. The Server Filters tab allows you to specify Server OS (Operating System), Server Features, specific DW Blackjack® models, and displays a list of the recommended quantity and DW Blackjack® models for your System.

Click Next to continue to the Server Information page.

**NOTE:  The results of the recommended Compatible Servers list is determined by the settings that are specified under the Cameras tab.

  1. The Server Information page allows you to review the recommend DW Blackjack® options.

You may click the Select button that appears below each model option to view the Available Server Rate (bitrate), Available Server Storage, and Available Server IPs that would remain if you were to select that DW Blackjack® model as the Server.

Click Next to continue to the Preview & Save tab.

  1. The Preview & Save tab displays an overview of the DW IP Storage Calculator settings that you have selected.

The summary can be saved by clicking the Save Project button.  A pop-up window will display, requesting contact information for the prospective setup.  

If you would like to receive a copy of the calculated results, complete the form, click in the checkbox at the bottom of the form, then click Save Project

The calculator will provide a code that can be used to open the project configuration at a later time.

Number of IP Cameras Supported

If you would like to learn more about which DW Blackjack® model is right for you, visit the Digital Watchdog IP Recorder Product webpage.

If you know how many cameras will be used for your project, you can use the IP Cameras Supported filter to refine your model options.

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