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Updating TeamViewer On Ubuntu 16.04

Updating TeamViewer on Ubuntu 16.04


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  October 2, 2020


Upgrading and Installing TeamViewer 14

After updating a DW Spectrum® Server running Ubuntu/Linux, you may need to upgrade the TeamViewer application to version 14.

This article will outline how to download and install TeamViewer 14 on a DW Spectrum® Server running Ubuntu 16.04.

Supported / Affected Devices

  • BlackJack Series (Ubuntu OS)

Downloading TeamViewer 14

To download the TeamViewer 14 installation files:

  1. Download the .deb installation file for Teamviewer 14 for Ubuntu 14.  You can download it from HERE
  1. After the file is downloaded, open the Files tool (located on the Ubuntu toolbar on the desktop), select Downloads, then drag-and-drop the TeamViewer file to the desktop.
  1. Open the Terminal (Hotkey:  CTRL + ALT + T), then enter in the following commands:

Note:  Press the Enter key after entering each command.

  1. sudo su
  • OS password:  admin

Note:  Text will be hidden and will not display as you enter the OS password.

  1. cd Desktop
  1. dpkg –l |grep teamviewer
  • Currently installed TeamViewer versions will display.  If you see any previous versions, uninstall those versions first.
  • To uninstall a previous TeamViewer version, use the command dpkg -P teamviewer

Installing Teamviewer

Install TeamViewer 14 using one of the two installation options below:

Installation Option A

Right-click the Teamviewer14.deb installation file and open with Software Installer. 

The installation wizard will complete the installation for you.  If there is an issue installing by running the Ubuntu Software Installer, use Installation Option B.

Installation Option B

Open the Terminal (Hotkey:  CTRL + ALT + T), then enter in the following commands:  

  1. dpkg –i teamviewer

Note:  You may tap the Tab key to autocomplete the file name between each command from this point forward.

  1. sudo apt update
  1. sudo apt upgrade
  1. sudo teamviewer daemon enable
  1. sudo teamviewer setup

After running the commands above, launch the TeamViewer application to confirm that the program has installed successfully.

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