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Adding New Users and Assigning Roles

How to Add Additional Users to Your DW Spectrum Server

Affected Roles: Administrators and subsequent users
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: DW Spectrum Desktop
Complexity: Medium

Software Version:

Firmware Version: 3.2

Created By: Mackenzie I

Last Edit: March 4, 2020


What is a "User"?

A "User" is an assigned account profile that is used to access specified permissions through the DW Spectrum Server.

Each user will have limited predefined permissions, depending on the assigned role.

In addition, users can be assigned to the server either as a "Local User" or as a Cloud User":

Local User: belongs to this server only and is fully managed by the system administrators.

Cloud User: can have access to many servers, but the respective system administrators still manage the user permissions of each server.

There are five predefined user roles in DW Spectrum:

Owner (uses "admin" login): This user has unlimited System privileges and cannot be deleted. Can
create and modify Administrators, merge Systems, and link or unlink DW Cloud accounts to the server.


Administrator: In addition to Advanced Viewer permissions, this user has full control of system
configuration, cannot change any Owner settings, and cannot delete or change their own role.


Advanced Viewer: In addition to Viewer permissions, can also see and run PTZ positions and PTZ Tours,
use 2-way audio, operate I/O Module buttons, create and edit Bookmarks, and view the Event Log.


Viewer: In addition to Live Viewer permissions, can view and export archive and Bookmarks, and
trigger a screen recording.


Live Viewer: The most basic of roles. These users can view live videos in specific layouts to which they have been assigned
access. They can also view all I/O Modules, view all web pages, and monitor the health status of all


How to Create a New Local User Account 

1) As an Administrator, log into the server and open the menu. Navigate to "System Administration", then select "New User..."

2) Set the User Type to "Local". Proceed with creating a login ID, assign a name, and a password for this user. Entering an Email address is optional and will be used for Email notifications, if the feature is used. 

Set the Role that this user will be assigned under. Custom roles can be created with custom permissions using the "Edit Roles" button.

*NOTE: Passwords and Login IDs are case-sensitive

3) The new user should now appear in the User Management menu.

4) The user can now connect with the server by using Spectrum IPVMS Client on the local network.

How to Create a New Cloud User Account

1) As an Administrator, log into the server and open the menu. Navigate to "System Administration", then select "New User..."

2) Set the User Type to "Cloud". Proceed with entering the user's DW Cloud Email login and set the Role that they will be assigned.

NOTE: If the user does not yet have a DW Cloud account registered, they will receive an invitation through the entered Email address to create one

3) Your server should now be accessible from the user's DW Spectrum Clients, DW Spectrum Mobile application, and the DW Cloud Web Portal if logged in with a registered DW Cloud account.

For example, to connect using a workstation (a computer separate from the server) with the DW Spectrum client, click the DW Cloud icon in the top, right-hand corner of the client and enter the DW Cloud login information. You should then be able to access any server that has your DW Cloud account assigned to it.

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