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API Tip: Video Footage Export

DW Spectrum Media Server allows users to export video using HTTP-GET methods. 

In API documentation one can find section called "Direct download" which describes a way to download certain piece of the archive. 

Note! The archive piece must exist. I.e. if there's no recording for that time you won't get anything.

Fragment of a camera archive to download is identified by camera id, its start time position and duration. Fragment can be downloaded in mpeg-2/ts (.ts) or Matroska (.mkv) format. No transcoding is performed. 

The url to request is:


Note! Here's a link to guide to find camera id.

Example of url:"2017-07-13T00:00:00"&duration=100

Note! Fragment piece date and time should be specified according to Media Server Local Time.

"pos" parameter can also take a string containing time in milliseconds since epoch(Unix time)."1499904000000"&duration=100

P.S. One can get list of all existing archive pieces for certain camera with request(identified by duration and start position):



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